In general, the school follows the same curriculum offered in the schools under the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank.  The language of instruction is Arabic, but English is taught as a second language as of the first grade.   At the request of the parents Hebrew was introduced at the beginning of the academic year 2013/2014 to the fourth, fifth and sixth grades, so as to be able to deal with the challenges facing the Jerusalem residents, especially that all official transactions and documents are now in Hebrew.
Music and art continue to be part of the school program, and the students have access to the library and enjoy a variety of experiments at the science laboratory. Computer skills are developed through a program called “classmate.” Fifty four laptop computers were provided to the school by the Faisal Husseini Foundation. All students use their laptops in the class room for different subjects. And special sessions are allocated to grades 4 through 6 for learning through drama.

Psychological support and personality development: This is done through weekly sessions and activities presented by the Palestinian Counseling Center to grades 1 through 6.  In this program, the children learn the tools to be socially active, to understand the meaning of violence, how to deal with it, and to be able to identify any violence practiced against them.  Children's rights are also a focus of these sessions.

The PCC provides a follow up program, one on one approach, for students with special needs.  A behavior modification approach is applied to those students with behavioral problems.

As part of a comprehensive approach to working with the students, the PCC carries out workshops for the teachers as well as the parents.  The workshops focus on proper communication between parents / teachers and children.  It tackles processes of behavior modification and how to deal with violence among students.

Another new program that the school is presenting with the help of PCC is dealing with students who suffer from learning disabilities and have special needs that require professional intervention.
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