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Rawdat El-Zuhur

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Teaching small groups plays an important role in education. With the limited space at the school for many years, the children never dreamed of having a science laboratory. But with the extra space provided on the second floor in 1991, one of the rooms was allocated for a science laboratory. For five years the children had the opportunity to enjoy that facility until the difficult decision had to be taken when the computer training project was realized. The fifteen computers needed space, and an innovative solution was found for the science laboratory. Not ideal, but when was the school working under ideal circumstances? A mobile laboratory was designed. The equipment is now stored in a closet in one of the classrooms, and the experiments of every day get rolled into the various classes.
The Principal tries every effort to facilitate matters for the science teacher and the children to make up for their lost science haven. A variety of instruments, microscopes, charts, and science videos are available, and the children are encouraged to be creative as they work on science projects.
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