Governing Board
 Administration and Staff.

A Haven for Palestinian Children

Rawdat El-Zuhur

         The school Principal is in charge of the every day running of the school, and the President of the Organization acts as liaison between the Board and the school administration on regular basis.
         The administrative staff are four including the Principal, an Assistant, Secretary, Accountant, over and above a part-time procurement officer.
         The full-time teaching staff are fifteen and three part-timers for music, sports and Hebrew.
         The staff are continuously encouraged to enroll at the local universitiesí continuing education programs and to participate in workshops, short courses and seminars to help them upgrade professionally.
The cleaning staff are two, with a part time maintenance man.
       Rawdat El-Zuhur is a non governmental, non profit organization that supervises Rawdat El-Zuhur School. It has a general assembly that elects its board which oversees the running of the school, every three years. The General Assembly also meets once a year to approve the yearly reports, the financial statements, and the budget. The Board meets once every two months, and when necessary. It also meets twice a year with the school administration and staff.
Abla Nasir, President
Amal Duaybis,Vice President
Margo Tarazi, Treasurer
Maha Husseini, Secretary
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Radiant Hope "Amal wa Noor"
Badiah Bajjali
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Raeda Jasser, School Principal
A new board was elected on October 15, 2014
Elizabeth Nasir
Sameeha Khalil
Feisal Husseini
Edward Said
Dr. Amin El-Khateeb
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